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Software is delivered as .zip archive with the code and installation instruction. After purchase you can install it on your server, use and modify as you want. There are no restrictions. You will also receive software updates from us by email that will include new features and improvements.

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Deploy an advanced marketplace allowing launch and crowdfund sales campaigns.

The software provides premium functionality to the store owners. It allows to register both as a seller and buyer. The sellers are eligible to create products, design these products using the Advanced Product Design Engine (comes as part of this Magento module), define the sales goals, the campaign deadline and how much they would like to charge for their awesome design, then they make their custom sale up and running and enjoy the benefits of their creativity which could turn into good earning indeed. This extension is more than just a start point for the marketers, it provides strong, easy, and reliable functionality to build trust among the customers. Its development was inspired by Teespring online crowdfunding startup.

Multiproduct types

The administrator can create different printable product templates for the sellers to select from when they start to create their own designs: t-shirts, phone cases, mugs, rugs, curtains, wall clocks, business cards, and so on.

Run selling campaigns

The main concept is that the sellers set a product price (it is not the same as extra fee, this price is what will be advertised to the buyers); then the sellers enter the sales goal (amount of sold products to complete the campaign successfully and to start printing and delivery process); and campaign duration (in days) (the sales goal must be achieved prior to the deadline). The final estimated profit gets calculated automatically with the special formula that includes campaign price, goals and duration. The users have a section in their accounts that allows to track the running campaigns, so they know where they are and what to undertake or expect further.

Product designer engine powered

Users just need to sign in, click "add new campaign" and complete the details. Then they are offered to use the product designer tool to create a unique item.

Payment solution

We have integrated PayPal to make sure the sellers will get their money easily, quickly, and safely.

Open source ecommerce

Sales profit

The sellers are allowed to select the price of the design they create, it should not be lower than a certain threshold set by the admin. This price is advertised to the buyers. The profit is generated automatically according to the special formula based on the following options: advertised price, sales goals and the campaign duration.

Paypal Adaptive Payments

Payments & Payouts

The buyers will not charged for reserving a product from some ongoing campaign - they will only be charged if the campaign meets its sales goal and the order is fulfilled. The store admin should set up PayPal escrow for all transactions, for payment authorization and payouts. However, a different payment method can be integrated according to the certain custom preferences to this extension and to assure the best user experience for all parties; note that the payment method should include payment authorization option.

Technical details:

  • - Back end: Magento CE CMS


  • - Easy signup process; ability create seller/ buyer accounts
  • - Sellers list and sell their printable products
  • - Buyers are free of charge until the campaign they participate in is successfully finished, otherwise the payment authorization will be voided
  • - The store admin defines the min product price and the tipping point required to print the products and fulfill the orders
  • - The store admin approves/ declines all newly created campaigns by sellers
  • - The store admin makes payouts to the sellers

Live Examples:

Live Magento Crowdfunded Marketplace samples with our extension integrated, configured and modified are listed below:

  • -

Improve your webstore by adding crowdfunding functionality.

The solution allows the customers to list the campaigns at no cost and to purchase them with no losses risk. This is the way the trust and loyalty can be built - the sellers will be sure their income depends on their creativity only and the buyers will be protected from charges if the campaign fails, and in case of success they will get a unique product and plenty of emotions.

  • Free Updates

    There are always things to improve, the extension will be constantly complemented with the new features, and the free updates can be supplied for up to 6 months after purchase on request.

  • Quality assurance

    Meets Magento software development best practices.

  • Flexibility

    100% open source e-commerce plugin

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Set up and Training

Training and Configuration

We provide software installation and configuration services along with staff training program



The product is scalable, we are open to develop any modification on request

24/7 Tech Support

24/7 Tech Support

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